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WHY LEARN NCR®? Because it works for your patients and for you (as the therapist)! Now is the time for practitioners to learn NeuroCranial Restructuring® from its developer, Dean Howell, ND. Therapists and their patients are all frustrated by the lack of results most physical medicine delivers. Interest in NCR® is at an all-time high. NCR® WILL FIT INTO YOUR LIFE By offering NCR® to your patients as a part-time specialty practice, you can seamlessly increase your monthly gross income while treating the causes of your patients’ chronic complaints. Besides its amazing efficacy, NCR® has the advantage of delivering permanent results. Your patients will improve predictably and should receive, at most, one four-day series of treatment monthly. More treatment than that rarely improves the quality of the results. In fact, patients are sometimes worse with over-treatment! NCR® WILL MAKE YOU FREE In the NCR® treatment scenario, you are not “umbilically-connected” to your needy patients, requiring you to be at their beck and call at all hours. Instead, after treatment, your patients’ musculoskeletal systems will be unwinding on their own accord, without needed intervention from you. Not only is this more pleasant for you, but this is also better for the patient. You will design individualized treatment protocols that enable patients’ traumas to unwind from their structures without the necessity of frequent treatment, and their bodies will incrementally move toward their original designs. This allows you to offer NCR® for one four-day series each month without denying your current practice patients any other care they may need. You do not have to leap into a new market—you can walk into the NCR® market at any speed you wish. As you know, NCR® is very different from any other physical medicine therapy. And the addition of NCR® is simple for any practice---just get training and begin offering NCR® a few hours a day for four consecutive days each month. NCR® MARKETING IS READY-MADE FOR YOU Of course, some marketing will be required, but you already have prospects in your current practice. Many of your NCR® patients will be patients you already see--- Patients who have never gotten better with your care. Patients who have stopped improving and still see you for palliation. Patients who have stopped seeing you. Patients who want to think better. Patients who want to move better (through NCR®’s postural improvement). Patients who want to look better (through NCR®’s wrinkle-removing). Patients who are interested in optimizing their structure or health in general. Actually, aren’t there only a few of your clients who don’t want NCR®? Can you change their minds too? NCR® OFFERS YOUR PATIENTS A NEW ALTERNATIVE NCR® means that you can offer your patients, their friends, and their acquaintances: An alternative to plastic surgery. New hope for the chronically injured. Improved athletic performance for casual and serious athletes. Permanent pain relief for many sufferers. Permanent treatment for many nervous system disorders, including epilepsy, migraines, anxiety, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, depression, and more. Permanent treatment for many structural disorders, including sinusitis, double-vision, vertigo, TMD, hunch-back, sway-back, whiplash syndrome, and others. Increased energy, relaxation, and a sense of ease and well-being. Increased mental acuity and creativity. Increased ability to handle stress and to ‘roll with the punches’ of life. Better relationships with everyone they meet (a common ‘side effect’ of NCR®). Deeper meditation and the feeling of a greater spiritual connection. An ongoing feeling of joy, happiness, and harmony with self and the universe. NCR® IS FOR STRUCTURAL AND NERVOUS SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION NCR® treatment gradually recreates your patients’ intended (optimal) structures. This means that their skeletons return to their originally-designed positions (sometimes for the first time in their lives). When this occurs, the musculature no longer requires the same tension patterns to assist skeletons in their postural duties. Patients routinely: Stand better, with less stooping, less sway back, less hunchback, less military spine, and less shoulder and pelvic tilting or rotation. Look younger, because their wrinkles disappear when the improved skeletal positioning pulls the skin taut. Are more athletic, because the proper positioning of the joints makes the muscles more efficient. This means they run faster, jump higher, and fatigue slower than before. See better than before because the symmetrical positioning of the eyes allows for more rapid visual accommodation, making depth perception quicker and easier. Are calmer, more pleasant, more creative, and think better because the hydraulic functioning of the brain improves when the skull fits the brain ideally. Don’t you know a lot of people who need this treatment? Everyone I’ve ever met can benefit from NCR®. NCR® BUILDS A SELF-PERPETUATING PRACTICE As your patient population perceives the benefits of NCR®, the marketing gets easier. Word of mouth is always the best referral source, and your NCR® successes will build your income. As your demand increases, you can expand your treatment offerings accordingly. Additionally, you can add an online Internet presence through listings on the site, initially given free to all newly certified NCR® practitioners as part of their free initial membership in the NCR® Research Institute. NCR® TRAINING CLASS DETAILS NCR® trainings are offered rarely. The classes are semi-private, with 5-12 student practitioners in each class. Over half of the course’s instruction time is in a workshop environment so that you develop hands-on skills with Dr. Howell personally supervising. This ensures that you will be successful in your NCR® clinical skills by the time you complete the nine-day course. NCR® is a blend of a unique kind of energetic, deep muscle therapy, external cranial manipulation, precise proprioceptive (balance-oriented) testing, and endonasal treatment. All of these are carefully combined in the course with a logical developmental scheme that has evolved over the past fourteen years of NCR® therapist training. You will also be given the materials and equipment necessary to begin your NCR® practice at your own facility. The class is structured to emphasize developing your hands-on skills, so that you can return to your clinic ready to work the next day. Here's how Dr Howell does it: Day 1 Class begins with a discussion of the theoretical basis of NCR®, including the techniques of diagnosis. Students immediately start learning Proprioceptive Diagnostic Testing. Each student gets “before” photographs documenting his/her initial head and body shape then begins receiving NCR® treatment. All students receive a full 4-day treatment sequence from Dr. Howell and his assistant. Every student practices his/her proprioceptive testing after Dr. Howell’s testing of each student-patient, observes the patient interactions with Dr. Howell, and observes the NCR® Massage techniques as performed by Dr. Howell and his assistant. Students learn how to talk with patients about what Proprioceptive Diagnostic Testing is and how it benefits them. Day 2 The technical discussion is an in-depth explanation and demonstration of the techniques utilized in NCR® Massage, an essential element in effective physical medicine. Students continue practicing their proprioceptive testing during the day’s treatments. Students receive their second NCR® treatment and exercise particular care in observing the demonstration of the techniques of NCR® Massage. Students learn how to talk with patients about what NCR® Massage is and how it benefits them. Day 3 The technical discussion revolves around the equipment used in NCR®. These include: procuring additional equipment (all equipment needed to begin is provided as part of the course cost), setting up the equipment, utilizing the device, sanitation and care of the equipment, inserting the instrument into the nasopharynx, and inflating and deflating the instrument once it is properly positioned. Students receive their third NCR® treatment. They also continue their practice of proprioceptive techniques and NCR® Massage as they assist Dr. Howell with fellow classmates. Students learn how to talk with patients about how NCR® balloons work and why they are necessary for lasting structural change. Day 4 The technical discussion summarizes the first three days’ skills and adds concepts of treatment patterns and of skull unwinding characteristics. Students learn how to talk with patients about treatment patterns and how their structures unwind over time. After insuring that every student feels ready to continue, the class treats Dr. Howell and his assistant to confirm that each student has the necessary skills in balloon insertion and inflation. Students also practice their skills in proprioceptive testing and NCR® Massage as student treatments progress with Dr. Howell. Dr. Howell and his assistant continue demonstrating all hands-on techniques during their treatments. Since this is the end of the four-day treatment series for students, the “after” photographs are taken. Students learn how to analyze in detail the changes visible between before and after photos and, on this basis, to counsel patients on the progress they have received and on the likely future changes that will occur with additional treatment. Answers to questions patients frequently ask upon completing a treatment sequence are discussed. Day 5 The discussion topics of the day are the nuances of how to perform NCR® external cranial therapy, how to market, advertise, and do public relations for NCR®, and a brief overview of how to treat invalids, babies, and difficult patients with NCR®. Students demonstrate their grasp of the concepts of NCR® Massage and there may be enough time to practice NCR® Massage and NCR® Cranial Therapy with the supervision of Dr. Howell. If anybody is having physical problems (very rare), then they will receive additional treatment. Answers to questions patients frequently ask about what conditions NCR® treats and how NCR® effectively treats them are discussed. Day 6 A new phase in the course begins: the hands-on NCR® treatment of training patients. Each student is assigned as primary therapist for three training patients and treats them every day during the remaining four days of class. Primary therapists alternate treatment sessions so that they have an opportunity to take a break between treatments. Each student is also assigned as secondary therapist for three other training patients. So every patient has both a primary (massage, cranial manipulation, testing, and balloon insertion) and a secondary (massage, body positioning, and holding) therapist. Each treatment session is dividing into thirds. Dr. Howell’s assistant supervises the first third, which is the NCR® Massage. Students are unsupervised during the second section, when they perform proprioceptive testing. Dr. Howell supervises the third section, when he confirms the results of proprioceptive testing and observes the primary therapist as he/she supervises the patient positioning by the secondary, does the balloon insertion and inflation, and then re-tests the training patient. There’s group time at the beginning and end of the day for questions and answers. Days 7, 8, and 9 NCR® treatment of training patients continues, with the students as primary and secondary therapists. Dr. Howell and his assistant continue to supervise throughout. There’s group time at the beginning and end of each day for questions and answers. Days 1 through 4 are full-length (8 hours or more plus lunch time). Day 5 is no more than 8 hours plus lunch time. Since a class has between 5 and 12 students, between 15 and 36 treatments are performed each day on training patients. 45 minutes are permitted for each treatment, with up to 4 treatments started during each hour. So days 6, 7, 8, and 9 run between 5 ½ and 9 ½ hours (plus lunch time). Class generally starts at 10am and runs until finished. NCR® TRAINING CLASS COSTS AND INCLUSIONS The cost is $8,000 and includes: Nine days of instruction in NeuroCranial Restructuring® with a total of five to twelve therapists-in-training featuring over sixty hours with Dr. Dean Howell. At least four NCR® treatments from Dean Howell, ND. A basic tool kit of NCR® equipment, sufficient to begin NCR® practice. Instruction in the concepts of NeuroCranial Restructuring®. This is a major paradigm shift for most people! Instruction in NCR® equipment setup. Instruction in the physical analysis and proprioceptive testing of NCR® patients. Instruction in the techniques of NCR® massage, cranial manipulation, and balloon treatment. Answers to all therapist questions as well as to patient frequently asked questions. Observation of 4 to 11 patients receiving a total of 16-44 NCR® treatments from Dr. Howell and observation of 48 to 132 patient treatments performed by the therapists. Supervised (by Dean Howell, ND) NCR® treatment by each therapist of 12 patients (over a four-day period). A flash-drive of the before and after photos of the therapists, the patients, and the other participants as well as a course syllabus of the material covered during the class. Instruction is how to set up, market, advertise, and do public relations for an NCR® practice. Training includes the instruction and equipment already described for $8,000 each for a five-person class, with the price decreasing $300 with each additional student, decreasing the cost to $5,900 each if the class is full with twelve student-practitioners. This is at a location to be determined. Finding volunteer training patients is difficult. They need to come for 4 days for the training therapists do be able to see the daily changes triggered by the NCR treatment. We charge our volunteers $300 for the 4-day series, and give them $100 back on day 4. Each training therapist can save $900 by bringing 3 volunteer patients with them on Days 6, 7, 8, and 9. NCR® TRAINING CLASS LOGISTICS NCR training is only available for CoDS members. At any location, students should arrive Friday night and leave at the end of the course late on Sunday evening or Monday morning, depending on your travel situation. Your initial application must include enough information to insure that you have sufficient education and experience to become an NCR® therapist. In the past, we required that you be licensed as a medical doctor, osteopathic doctor, chiropractor, naturopathic physician, registered physical therapist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist with additional training in a Structural Integration modality such as Rolfing or SOMA. Normally, when a commercially licensed doctor or physician teaches a professional level course, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code. Any under-licensed individual who is trained in the class is extended liability coverage by the teacher! This is why professional training classes must be careful about the license status of all of the individuals in a class. But not for courses taught by CoDS! Our courses are taught as spiritual healing courses through the Church of Divine Structure. This means that we can welcome anybody into our courses, regardless of licensure. However, just having the ability to pay for the class will not guarantee admission. It will also be no guarantee of success. We don’t want people to sign up and fail. This class requires significant understanding of anatomy and physiology. It also requires sensitive hands and a kind heart. Are you wondering if you should take the class? You can contact us and have a short call with Derek or Dr. Howell. But, most of the time, you will know in your heart whether or not this is the class for you. Contact Derek at or by phone at 1 (888) 252-0411 with any questions about your eligibility. SIGN UP FOR A GUARANTEED NCR® COURSE A down payment of $1,000 is required to sign up for the class. You can sign with a phone call with Derek at 1 (888) 252-0411. If, for any reason, you are not accepted into the course, your money will be refunded by a mailed check. The course guarantees satisfaction: anyone not satisfied can leave the course with a full refund of the money paid at the end of the first day of instruction. Full payment for the course is required of everyone remaining after the first day. OUR NCR® FINANCING OPTION Besides the cash, check, or credit card options for full payment, there is also the possibility of financing up to all of the remaining balance when a one-, two- or three-year payment plan is chosen. Your money due is increased by 10% for the one-year plan, 21% for the two-year plan, and 32% for the three-year plan. Then twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six equal payments are computed from this total. These payments are then charged to your credit card automatically, beginning thirty days after the course starts. If you wish, you can pay off your balance at any time, but no discount of your remaining balance is given. Sign up now! For more information, call (888) 252-0411 or email us at

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