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Everybody wants to be able to move freely, without encumbrance. There are lucky people who can do this. Many of them are young people. The rest of us suffer varying degrees of infirmities. For most of us, this involves cracking and popping, stretching, bending, and exercising to help us to be better for the day. We try to get our bodies evened out, developing more symmetry in the alignment of our muscles and bones. That's the appealing aspect of many bodywork and manipulation techniques—they develop symmetry in your body. When you utilize chiropractic, osteopathy, Thai yoga massage, or many other techniques, they all work to develop symmetry in body alignment patterns—in order to have lasting benefits. When I had spinal manipulation treatments from doctors in the 1970s and 1980s, I have had perhaps a hundred different methods of changing spinal alignment patterns. Few of the treatment sessions were actually successful in changing my alignment patterns. These successes were usually after skeletal mishaps and injuries had left me feeling worse than my ongoing, chronic patterns did. As far as my training went, I just learned many different styles of treatment. It wasn’t quite like the selections were random, but no method seemed to always work. One treatment would often work, so I just tried them all. Then, one day a woman made a remark after treatment that struck me. She said, “I feel as if I am planted on the Earth!” And when I pushed her sideways on her shoulder, she was very stable. I had seen this before. REALIZATION. When people were very stable standing after a treatment, AND they were more symmetrically aligned, then they had long-term improvement in their symmetry, functioning, and decreases in pain and movement problems. I discovered this in the early 1990s. At first, I thought that the best correction of these patterns in the body was to release the most asymmetrically-aligned cranial joints. This triggers the pent-up tension in the connective tissues to unwind,creating significant cranial changes. When this is done right, cranial trauma patterns leave the skull and asymmetries lessen. This creates improvement in the mechanical movements of the skull. The improved symmetry and the improved motions combine to gradually optimize nervous system functions. This early treatment method is called NeuroCranial Restructuring. The essential concepts are simple and straight-forward. Because I failed to patent my manipulation concepts before lecturing about asymmetrical treatment techniques of cranial asymmetry, now I can’t control the claiming of my cranial method concepts as original work “belonging” to these students. So my successes and teachings have been spread widely, uncredited. My earlier students call my work FCR, NCRT, CRT, ABC, and probably more.. So the NCR essential treatment, the administration of an endonasal balloon, is a wonderful finishing tool that can be used at the end of many different treatments. The basics of the method can be taught in five days. I have done this many times. These first five days are mine to program you. I want to show you how the body integrates the spatial response to gravity with the musculoskeletal system. By noting the linkages between structural asymmetry with the loss of stability, we can release the sphenoid joints in six different directions, with an instrument that is very pliable and can either be gently or forcibly administered. The original endonasal therapies, dating back to the 1930s, were administered thoroughly and symmetrically. Treatment patterns themselves were never changed. Clinically, the greater complexity of cranial distortion patterns became evident, and specific treatment patterns can be utilized to release cranial patterns that resemble grain patterns in woods. Releasing these stuck cranial suture patterns allows the tensions of the connective tissues to unwind. As these changes trigger the deep structures of the skull to morph, the body continues to improve its gravitational stability patterns, gradually locking these changes into permanence. The body requires gravitational stability, and it prefers anatomical symmetry. With the NeuroCranial Restructuring utilized as the ending of structural treatments, the enhanced stability and optimized structures that it delivers allows your treatments of this day to be retained and fully utilized by the body because you have incorporated a stable improvement of the patterns of the body’s symmetry. During the first five days of the NCR Course, I will talk to you about these concepts—a lot. Your understanding of the way that treatments integrate with body structures is my primary goal. You could eventually figure everything else out if you understand the concepts. And then we will show you how to perform all of the essential skills to set up endonasal equipment, how to insert the instrument into the three sets of passageways between the nostrils and the throat, how to position the patient, how to hold the inflating instrument in your hand, how to support the head with your other hand, and how to inflate the endonasal balloon with its inflation bulb. It became obvious that nobody can perform treatments like this without undergoing the treatment themselves. I hope that you are already receiving NCR treatments because I want for you to become symmetrical, and few treatments will offer symmetry as a benefit. For 4 days, though, we will treat you. Derek and I will divide the endonasal balloon inflation duties, and Derek, Rebecca, and I will share in the bodywork sessions on all of the students. In the past, there have been doctor-students who have only had their required NCR treatments during their training class with me, and then never had another treatment! That showed me that I had failed them as a teacher. Everybody needs to have their bodies to be optimally functional. Asymmetry is the primary causation of all nervous system and musculoskeletal malfunctions. We all need treatment for our maladies. A doctor must take care of him or herself. If not before, then that will begin with the NCR Course. Undoubtedly, Rebecca and I will be talking with you about the importance of eating a ketogenic diet, removing your heavy metals, and killing off your yeast, fungi, and parasites—because you should be doing this, too! Then, the last four days of the course, you will be treating three volunteers for 4 days with the NCR techniques you have learned the first five days. We advertise for volunteers to come to the class for the four days. We initially charge them $300 for the four days’ treatment, and we return $100 to them on Day 9. This is because volunteers often do not appreciate the importance of their attendance in your learning process. It is even better if you bring volunteers with you, and we reduce your Course costs $300 for each patient you bring with you. The scheduling of the volunteers the last four days is very important for you. We need to spread them out across the day so that you can recover between the treatment sessions. These three patients are those for whom you are the primary therapist. You will be assisting with at least three others each day, as well. Other students’ successes and failures are learning experiences for you, so your attendance all day is required. All imaging taken of the volunteers belongs to everyone in the Course. You can show others of the amazing things you witness with us in February!

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